I’ve heard over and over how important community is in the tech industry, and this has already proven itself true for me! About a week before I finished up at my teaching job, ready to go and study IT full time, I received an email from someone I met at the Rails InstallFest last year, offering to put me in touch with a  software development company who was looking to offer some work experience placements. I couldn’t believe the timing, it couldn’t have been more perfect. After a few more emails and a short meeting, I was offered a place as a Work Experience Candidate with Two Red Kites.

So the last few weeks have seen me cramming in as much uni content as I can so that once I start my work experience I can focus on that, and not stress so much about assignments and practicals. The beauty of studying externally is that most of the resources are already available, and I don’t have to wait until a week or two before an assignment is due to get started.

It’s going to be interesting, juggling full time study, work and work experience, and trying to switch between Java, Python and Ruby every few days, but I can’t wait!

Wish me luck! 😀