It’s been a while since I posted about work experience since we’ve had a few gaps, but we’ve definitely learnt a lot in this time!

The last two weeks were actually quite spread out, with public holidays and Rails Camp getting in the way a bit, but they were probably the best weeks so far. Week seven saw Sarah, Lilly and myself working a lot more independently on our final app – we had a basic set of guidelines to work within but were able to work on our own to figure out exactly how to implement what we wanted to achieve. I’ve heard it said several times now that if you can look back at code you wrote six months ago and not find something you’d improve, then you haven’t been learning. We must have been learning a lot very quickly, since by the end of the week we had found so many things we wanted to change and improve upon that we decided to start again from scratch.  Our second app saw us moving away from the Rails scaffolds and the standard way that views aligned with actions to making an app that was more user-friendly. This brought with it all sorts of interesting challenges, but we managed to work through them all! We also got a lot of practice at using proper team workflows of assigning issues, branching and making merge requests and reviewing each other’s code.

By week 8 we had wrapped up most of what we wanted to do with our app, and spent most of the two days refreshing what we’d been learning. We had some time to practice looking over pull requests and the code review process, seeing the way people commented and the process of making changes and finally merging the new code. We also went back over writing and testing Ruby classes using practice problems from – highly recommended as practice for just about any language! Finally we spent some time pairing on a ticket for one of the current projects that 2RK is working on, which gave us some great insight into working on real projects.

For a full recap of the entire Work Experience program check out my next post!