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2RK – Week 2

Well all too fast another week of work experience at Two Red Kites has wrapped up, and what a week it has been.  I’m starting to feel really confident with the ‘rubyist’ way of doing things, especially when it comes to creating and using classes.

As with last week the days went so quickly, but managed to fit in so much! We started by reviewing our work from last week, and had a look at the code we each wrote for ‘homework’ – creating a new method to test the age of an instance of our Human class. This quickly led us onto a few new topics including edge cases (strange situations you might not have thought of that can muck up your code) and conditional assignment (one of the ways you can deal with certain edge cases, and one way of setting a default value for a variable).… Read more...


So I spent a decent chunk of today trying to refresh my memory on recursion. The concept itself made sense to me but being able to write recursive functions was another thing altogether.

The way recursion works in my head is kind of like the movie Inception – multiple dreams within dreams, but instead of dreams we’re talking about functions. The top/final/base level (I’ll refer to it as the base level for now) has a puzzle. But you need a clue from the next level to solve it. But then that level also has a puzzle, and you need to go to the *next* level to find a clue for that. And you keep going down until you finally find a clue! Then you go back up a level, use the clue to solve the puzzle, get another clue!… Read more...

2RK – Week 1

Well the first ‘week’ of work experience with Two Red Kites is over, and what a week it has been!

There are four of us going through this program together – Lilly, Sarah, Sarah and myself. Each week we’ll be spending two days in the 2RK office and then going off to revise, refresh and come up with new problems for the following week.  We were lucky enough to have Nigel Rausch, Director and Technical lead at 2RK working closely with us both days, as well as getting to see how the rest of the close-knit team operates.

Looking back through my notes from these first two days I can’t quite believe we managed to squeeze it all in, but we somehow did, and I learnt more than I ever expected in such a short time.… Read more...

All Sorts of Excitement

I’ve heard over and over how important community is in the tech industry, and this has already proven itself true for me! About a week before I finished up at my teaching job, ready to go and study IT full time, I received an email from someone I met at the Rails InstallFest last year, offering to put me in touch with a  software development company who was looking to offer some work experience placements. I couldn’t believe the timing, it couldn’t have been more perfect. After a few more emails and a short meeting, I was offered a place as a Work Experience Candidate with Two Red Kites.

So the last few weeks have seen me cramming in as much uni content as I can so that once I start my work experience I can focus on that, and not stress so much about assignments and practicals.… Read more...

Back to my Happy Place

Well it’s been an exciting and busy few months since I last posted. I’ve been to the other side of the world and back,  celebrated my first Christmas away from family and come back for my last few weeks of work. I’ve also had a break from coding, but am so relieved that my passion and focus are still right there.

Spending 6 weeks overseas travelling every few days was not a great environment for sitting down and concentrating enough to build anything. I managed to work through a few online tutorials but nothing substantial. When I got back however I was at a bit of a loss for what to do.

Up to that point I had done a decent amount of JavaScript and python, enough to ace my uni courses which will be starting in a few weeks, and completed the Ruby and Rails tracks on team treehouse.… Read more...

Finding Goldilocks: Tech Meetups

So I’ve discovered that with many things in coding things are either too much or not enough, too hard or too easy. Finding the ‘goldilocks’ in the middle is such a great feeling – and I think tonight I found my tech meetup goldilocks!

I went to my third meetup tonight, which was with BrisRuby.  Before that I’d been to a Women Who Code meetup and a Rails Install Fest.

The Women Who Code night was….well it was jumping in the deep end of the swimming pool. They definitely warned attendees that prior coding experience was necessary. I possibly should have realised this didn’t mean ‘two months of teaching yourself online’ but I thought I’d try it out anyway.  The first part of the night was good,  a talk on test-driven development.… Read more...

My Three Month Code-iversary

This is what I found when I opened my email this morning.

Congrats! You’ve been learning with Codecademy for three months. What have you accomplished? What has been challenging along the way?

Three months. Three months since my first line of code. Three months since my first “Hello World”.

I know there’s nothing magical about three months, but I’m struggling to believe it’s only been that long, because so much has happened. I have completely fallen in love with writing code, I have dabbled with so many different languages and started to find my feet with a few. I’ve created web site from scratch and been the most frustrated I’ve ever been, over and over again. But I’ve also never been as happy as I am right now, I’ve never felt this sense of purpose.… Read more...

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