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2RK Work Experience Recap

So in case you haven’t read any of my other posts on the topic, I’ve spent the last two months completing a work experience program with a Brisbane-based software development company Two Red Kites. I started the program not having any idea what to expect, and being really worried I didn’t know enough, but all my worries were completely unfounded. It has been the most supportive, challenging and motivating learning experience I can remember.  I thought I’d share some of my favourite aspects – coding related  and otherwise – of this recent chapter of my coding journey.

Starting with the Basics

Rails is an absolutely wonderful framework, and it does so much for you – as if by magic! The problem with this is it makes it much harder for beginners to understand what’s going on, and then to be able to change or fix things themselves.… Read more...

2RK Week 7/8

It’s been a while since I posted about work experience since we’ve had a few gaps, but we’ve definitely learnt a lot in this time!

The last two weeks were actually quite spread out, with public holidays and Rails Camp getting in the way a bit, but they were probably the best weeks so far. Week seven saw Sarah, Lilly and myself working a lot more independently on our final app – we had a basic set of guidelines to work within but were able to work on our own to figure out exactly how to implement what we wanted to achieve. I’ve heard it said several times now that if you can look back at code you wrote six months ago and not find something you’d improve, then you haven’t been learning.… Read more...

2RK – Week 4

Since last week was a bit disrupted, I was even more excited than usual to come back to work experience this week – and I was not disappointed! Our first day this week we started looking at the Sinatra framework for Ruby. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a bit like Rails but a much lighter version. It has less scaffolding, which means you get a bit more control yourself, and there’s a bit more clarity with what it’s doing, rather than it all being done as if by magic, which can sometimes happen with Rails.

We built two apps in one day – both were number guessing games. In the first (‘NewYork’, after the famous Sinatra song) , we had our app generate a random number, we made a guess as to what it was, and then it responded if our guess was too high, too low or if we’d got it!… Read more...

2RK – Week 3

Week three of work experience with 2RK is over, and while it was a bit ‘all-over-the-place’ i was still a lot of fun.

Our Monday went more or less as usual, and started with a code review of our ‘homework’. Sarah, Lilly and I had all approached our task (to rewrite our FizzBuzz program from our first day but using classes and OOP) in very different ways. While what I had done wasn’t bad coding, it turned out it was very different from what Nigel had in mind. It was a valuable lesson in how important it is to clarify expectations with your ‘client’ – as I had to redo it entirely!!! 😛

We then spent some time working through some ways of cleaning up our code by using a range of different iterators (such as select, inject and map), and learning some alternatives to standard conditionals – including ternary operators and case statements.… Read more...

2RK – Week 2

Well all too fast another week of work experience at Two Red Kites has wrapped up, and what a week it has been.  I’m starting to feel really confident with the ‘rubyist’ way of doing things, especially when it comes to creating and using classes.

As with last week the days went so quickly, but managed to fit in so much! We started by reviewing our work from last week, and had a look at the code we each wrote for ‘homework’ – creating a new method to test the age of an instance of our Human class. This quickly led us onto a few new topics including edge cases (strange situations you might not have thought of that can muck up your code) and conditional assignment (one of the ways you can deal with certain edge cases, and one way of setting a default value for a variable).… Read more...

2RK – Week 1

Well the first ‘week’ of work experience with Two Red Kites is over, and what a week it has been!

There are four of us going through this program together – Lilly, Sarah, Sarah and myself. Each week we’ll be spending two days in the 2RK office and then going off to revise, refresh and come up with new problems for the following week.  We were lucky enough to have Nigel Rausch, Director and Technical lead at 2RK working closely with us both days, as well as getting to see how the rest of the close-knit team operates.

Looking back through my notes from these first two days I can’t quite believe we managed to squeeze it all in, but we somehow did, and I learnt more than I ever expected in such a short time.… Read more...